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Eye Examination

A full eye exam is inclusive of Computer assisted refraction techniques:
Anterior eye examination with slit lamp: This allows segments of the eyes to be viewed and assessed for their integrity and any infections or foreign bodies Ophthalmoscopy: This allows retinal examination for any abnormalities / diseases e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Glacoma, Cataracts, Tumour etc. Tonometry: This is refers to an eye pressure test -deemed necessary for over 40’s age group or where there is family history of Glaucoma.

Where necessary referrals are made to the relevant specialists and necessary follow up done to ensure the patient gets proper advice and treatment.

Spectacle Dispensing

Our frames selection is wide in variety and cost, taking care of those with an eye for designer frames and budge range. We pride ourselves for setting standards in this field and helping people appreciate the need to look good while achieving the object of vision. Contact lenses form a specialised part of our practice. We fit rigid gas permeable lenses for Keratoconus (a cornes condition) and soft lenses for Visual, social or leisure use, cosmetic coloured lenses are very popular with the youth. Prescription sunglasses are made on order; these are now an important necessity in Africa where the harmful effect of UV rays is high

Omega Eyecare

We have an in-house policy to assist special cases such as the under privileged or the disabled. This forms part of our social corporate responsibility. We often offer Free eye clinics in various low income areas to promote primary eye care in the communities where we live in. We really care about your eyes. That’s why we aim to make our appointments longer and more frequent than most and invest in the latest technology to provide the very best in eye care. Omega opticians advises you to get your eyes checked every one to two years but our check-ups are available every six months and last up to 45 minutes.We’re thorough too. Our examinations are tailored to your individual requirements and are more than just eye tests. They’re health checks that can identify the early onset of:

All your eye test results and images are recorded on our database for retrieval at a later date for comparison and/or referrals to General Practitioners and specialists, should the need arise.

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